Career Path After M.Tech and what we will do After M.Tech

Huge Study Routes for After M.Tech or After PG and Which Specialization is best for After Post Graduation……….
Engineering related Master of engineering. (M.E) Master of Technology (M.Tech) two P.G courses after the which side the travel must be is the question faced by every engineering student… most percentage of the students with give a pull stop for the studies and they will start to try for job opportunities. But there are so many opportunities which are available even after M.Tech and what we will do After M.Tech. At this situation, let us have a focus on opportunities that are there after engineering PG. How to Earn Money through SBI ATM cum Debit Card

Career Path After M.Tech

In the country M.E/M.Tech courses are considered as Research based courses. The M.Phil degree which is given for Research in science, humanities part, the engineering Pg courses are also considered at this level. M.E/M.Tech courses will be there like preparing the students to the related part needs and wants and also to improve the specialization skills on the basis of branches.

Four Ways:- Usually after M.Tech, four types of opportunities will come in front of students. They are Stepping towards PhD, Get jobs in the related industries, Selecting the teaching fields and Creating their own units or industry by this Turing as an entrepreneur level.
Career Options After Mtech
Management:- Instead of PhD another opportunity that is available for M.Tech students is that having their focus on management side. At that time itself you would have studied six years in Engineering so there will be full awareness in the related field. At this situation, for those who want to start their own company and want to improve as entrepreneur in future can select the management course. But one matter should be kept in mind. That is instead of starting immediately after completing the course with two years experience in the related field, it is better to have focus on that side. For this, IIMs, other top management institutes MBA / PG DM are offering programmers some institutes are also offering executive MBA courses for working professionals.

Scholarship:- Importantly for Indian students who are going for foreign university for research to encourage them some types of scholarships are available. They are Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Trust scholarship, common wealth Scholarship / Fellowships (UK –, HRD scholarship for Japan (for details, Rotary ambassadorial scholarships (for details, ITC overseas scholarships, HRD scholarships- Korea (for details, Australian Endeavour scholarships (for details Doctor Manmohan Singh Scholarship (university of Cambridge – for details, the gates Cambridge scholarships (for details

Teaching Profession:- After M.Tech, can settle as faculty in colleges. At present engineering institutes is facing lack of faculties throughout the country. In various educational institutions. Deemed universities at high level vacancies are there and it is also a favorable one for them. At this situation to join in PG or PhD attractive salaries for faculties offered by as assistant professor with get Rs.15600 – 39100/- as salary. If reached at associate professor level Rs.37400 – 67000 salaries can be earned. But those who want to step in this field, is compulsory to have some types of special skills. Reading books, journals, continuously in the related part, new changes should be updated then and there. To explain the thoughts a good communication should be there.

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  1. How to initiate our own business after mtech. I don't have any field knowledge. To start of my own from where should I begin. Whether I should first take experience or I can start directly after mtech?

  2. Frustated Fresher · Edit

    To get into teaching job one must have a strong reference in the management community. Having am M.Tech qualification is just for namesake, only a strong influence works :(:(


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