How to Select Stream or Group in Intermediate (10+2) (MPC or BiPC or CEC or HEC)

Which Stream is best in Intermediate (10 + 2) ??
Many of students are confused with selection of Group in Intermediate (10 + 2). The choice of Group must chosen by the students only. If they are followed suggested group that may effect their correct. Many of students struggling with choosing wrong group with their knowledge level and interest. In 10 + 2 group selection play major role. The rest of the students education career is depends on this group only. So they students must take right decision in the selection of group in 10 + 2. Here is the below given each and every group details and futGroup ure guidelines. How to Get Good Marks in Intermediate Final Exams

How to Select a stream / group in Intermediate or IPE (MPC or BiPC)

MPC Group:
In this group Maths, Chemistry and Physics are the main subjects. People can like Maths they can choose this group students who has fear about the maths group they must take right decision in the selection of group.

For this group future education will be have highlighted opportunities candidate. For the entry in many examinations they are only asking maths subject in 10 + 2 (Inter). And many of defense, government jobs asking Mathematics subject in their 10 + 2. The students who want to do engineering this group is mandatory for them.

BiPc Group:
BiPc group consist of the Biology, Physics and Chemistry in this group. For the students who are interested in Natural Science subjects they can choose this subject.

For this group opportunities also very high after the completion of 10 + 2 with this group students may do MBBS course or BDS and aslo chances for B.Pharmacy education. This group is highly used for the medical education.

CEC Group:
This group mainly consist of the Commerce, Economics and Civics subjects in this group. Most of the people think that opportunities is less with compare than other branches like Mpc. But this group has the better chances than other groups.

To get the Government jobs this group is very helpful to the students. Students may also enter into the accounting field by the courses CA / ICWA. For the early career this group is very helpful for the state wise government jobs or secretariat jobs this students has the more advantages.

HEC Group:
In HEC group mainly History, Economics and Civics subjects are there. The students who are interested about the Indian history. The group has the more advantages that the subjects are very helpful in the competitive exams or recruitment examinations. To get the government job this group is quiet enough for the students.

Vocational Courses:
In the vocational courses mainly teach in the Automobile, Accounting and Taxation, Fashion garment making, hotel operations, computer graphics and animation, medical lab technician etc. This group mainly trained students in specific topic and helps student to set early career opportunities.

MEC Group:
This group mainly consist of Maths, Economics and Civics subject. Those who want to study Maths along with Economics and Civics suject. The group is right choice for them. This group has the more advantages that they can choose any of field due to mathematics subject and may have the chance to get the government job with economics and civics subjects.

Students must take care in the selection of group in Intermediate. They have to know select the group which is interest and suitable to their standards. All the Best!!!!

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