Subject Wise Preparation Tips for UPSC Civils Prelims and Mains Exam

Subject Wise Preparation Plan for UPSC Civils Prelims and Civil Services Mains Exam Just follow the mentioning tips….
Civils Services Prelims Examination will be conduct in every year by UPSC. There are lot of positions are increasing year by year and giving more chances to get India’s highest civil authority jobs for the unemployed buddies in the country. Three things are many important for civil services exams.

  • Stands:- Take stands to get first step (Civils Prelims) reach easily.
  • Concentration:- Each subject and topic concentrates with perfect practice and study with concentration.
  • Preserve:- Preserve stands and concentration till the exams and don’t go side by from your goal.
    Prelims preparation starts with old question papers practice and analysis which subject or topic questions are appearing in question paper which type of questions and which field. This gives a brief idea about the question paper and starts practice with a plan.

Subject Wise Preparation Tips for UPSC Civils Prelims

Statement Based Questions: After prelims exam pattern changed from last two years question papers, one can understand that direct questions are reducing and statement based questions are getting major place from direct questions. History and Geography are the core and convention subjects. These subjects questions are also asking in the form of statement. This is the best example that Civils exams question papers time. And also important not restricted to a limited subjects covering all subjects. Candidates must study vast syllabus and its sub category topics related to that subject. Don’t depend on instant materials or bit banks although Civils prelims is a objective test but questions are depend from these materials and bit banks. Preparation Tips for General Studies

Ecology is the key subject. Prelims pattern changed from 2011 the paper 1 (General Studies) the new topic is ecology and its weight-age also heavy in the Paper I from 26-30 questions are only came from ecology subject shows the how prefer it is. Worldwide environmental pollution, Environmental Problems are the hot topics and conducting seminars on the Environmental problems and pollution this gives more prefer in the question paper.

Concentrate on Concepts:-
Every subject is important to study out and out from prelims don’t restrict to an academic where you came. Study all subjects basics; this will give the strong base for further studies. For this study NCERT textbooks from 6th to 12th class. If you got all these concepts will give easy understand of standard books easily and thoroughly.

Inter related topics Preparation:-
Recent year’s prelims question papers are with indirect questions with inter related subject questions are increasing. Particularly from the quality and economies inter related questions must study.

Pointers for Personal Reference:-
There may be more reference books and more sub topics for a subject. This will confuse which book is important and which book gives full information to avoid this confusion. Right now points by subject wise is the best method.

Fresh Aspirants Concentrate on these Subjects / Topics:-

  • Economy:- Committees – Reports, amendments, agricultural, industrialization, growth in services, banking, tax system, GDP, UNDP report, 12th Planning and goals, FDI’s and latest information.
  • Science and Technology: – Recently conducted Genome, diversification, atmosphere changes, health developments, latest satellite experiments and missile testing.
  • Geography: – Study Atlas thoroughly, latest calamities and government remedies, steps, core geography.
  • History: – The social economical religion, cultural, arts, political history, freedom movement
  • Polity: – Constitution, Fundamentals, Latest amendments, Parliament laws.
  • GK and Current Affairs: – International agreements, mutual understands, Conferences and Judgments.

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