Which Branch is Best for Engineering ??

Many of the students struggling in the selection branch in the Engineering course. Most of the students trying to choose best for engineering are still taking the others decision instead of his / her own choice. The branch selection will play major role in the Engineering Career that could be continued further career of the students. Candidates are advised to select the candidates choice his / her interest subjects mainly in Engineering first year. We are already explained the preparation tips for engineering exams. Most of the subjects are common for all the branch subjects. So that this affect may appear from the second year or from second semester.

Which Branch is Best for Engineering

Now a Days the knowledge in the subject will play major role in the campus selections or some other recruitment processing. So that the candidate must select the Interest branch for the detail study in those subjects.

Now a days most of the recruitment companies are not only looking for the good percentage and much needed skills for the students to get the job in the recruitment companies and to withstand in the competitive world. Most of the students are choosing the branches ECE. Due to the job opportunities in this field most of the students are preferring this branch.

    • ECE is the branch most common branch where the students are choosing in their Engineering course.
    • EIE is the one of the different branch only few of the students are choosing this branch and career way too.
    • In the both of branches one subject will be common i.e Electronics.
    • In ECE computer science and Applications subjects will be added and in EIE branch. Instrumentation subjects will be added in Engineering education.
    • In the syllabus pattern both branches are having the mostly common subjects. Nearly 75-80% syllabus is equal in the both branches.
    • In the career objects both branches are have the equal chances. But most of the companies and industries are giving importance to EIE branch students.
    • The change in branch wont differ in Job opportunities only the candidates subject skills will play a major role in the recruitment process.

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